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    🐶💗Nuggo🐶💗 4j restants 5 votes

44 30

random names for future puppies I'll be selling! (in about a year or two,when my dog grows up and we get the other dog.) The poll ends October 1st,with the names wrote in samsung notes. Least voted name gets eliminated! So Good Luck! (Note:I'll be posting this somewhere soon after this one!)

    Bobinfairy 4j restants 1 votes

3 0

Which one do you like best? I'm love, love Sienna but worried about it being so popular. Really like Aubrey but worried about possible backlash that it's a 'boy's' name. Like Aylin but worried it's not known in the UK and if people will expect her to have Turkish heritage.

    Allyboo 4j restants 4 votes

28 0

Ahhh. I can't decide

    SaraKHutch 4j restants 8 votes

0 4

Help pick a MIDDLE name. First name is LUCA.

    SaraKHutch 4j restants 12 votes

0 3

Trying to find a FIRST name. MIDDLE name is Luca.

    Maranda Mansfield 4j restants 4 votes

2 0

Freya or Fallon

    aimdizzler 4j restants 20 votes

5 0

trying to pick a name or middle name out of these cant seem to narrow it down 4j restants 11 votes

11 0

plz help!

    Wesman131 4j restants 4 votes

9 0

Need help with some girls names!

    Sarah Michelle 4j restants 0 votes

8 0

girls names

    DeDen 4j restants 17 votes

5 4

Please help me Choose a Name.

    Aurelie Rex 4j restants 0 votes

4 1

love this name

    his_babygirl5120 4j restants 18 votes

39 37

Help! I can't decide. If you notice I have a fixation with Japanese baby names. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Chris Peterson 4j restants 0 votes

8 4

Better happiness with complete family

    ShaRae Pitt 4j restants 5 votes

60 36

for future reference me and my husband wanna plan our kids names

    Gemmawood 4j restants 10 votes

0 3

me and my partner are due our boy in a few weeks and we cant decide on what name we like better.

    KelliM. 4j restants 46 votes

3 0

Looking for a "E" girls name. I have two boys named Elijah and Emmett.

    etoseland92 4j restants 0 votes

2 2


    mla09 4j restants 50 votes

5 5

Top girl and boy names. Last name is Audet

    LP 4j restants 28 votes

3 0

what do you think?

    Mary-Louise Duckworth 4j restants 11 votes

0 10

middle name Matthew, poll 1.

    Mary-Louise Duckworth 4j restants 8 votes

0 6

middle name Anthony

    Mary-Louise Duckworth 4j restants 8 votes

6 0

middle name Poppy

    joyful3forme 4j restants 11 votes

4 0

favorite please!

    joyful3forme 4j restants 3 votes

9 0

Just wanting to know everyone’s favorite of these.

    CLL 4j restants 44 votes

4 0

Girls names which one do you like best? Other suggestions welcome x

    Mary-Louise Duckworth 4j restants 11 votes

5 5

A brother or sister for Lewis, Sammy, April and Molly

    mla09 4j restants 8 votes

0 10

top boy names. last name starts with A

    mla09 4j restants 8 votes

9 0

top girl names. last name starts with A

    yellowbrickroad 4j restants 11 votes

0 10

Middle & Last name : Nathan Britting

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