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    Allie 4j restants 2 votes

25 0

Twin girls 4j restants 8 votes

15 0


    🐶💗Nuggo🐶💗 4j restants 8 votes

3 3

ok names for puppies I'll be selling in the future.

    Mekaila Reynolds 4j restants 17 votes

2 4

can't choose

    wallace0817 4j restants 16 votes

0 9

Need help choosing a name for our little boy 😊

    S. Tamar 4j restants 23 votes

0 10

Precious baby boy.

    S. Tamar 4j restants 28 votes

20 0

Precious baby girl.

    Mimmy 4j restants 26 votes

26 0

We're desperately searching for triplet names.... We're adopting 1 year old triplets, two identical and one fraternal twin girl. We're pretty sure we'd like a Navy, but have no idea on middle names and names for her sisters..... I'd love your help!

    Teisha Coyour 4j restants 27 votes

9 0

Trying to pick a name for adopted daughter. 8 yrs old. Thanks 😊

    Aj 4j restants 5 votes

4 3

Im italien canadien and would like to know witch ones are mostly ITALIEN

    Gwen R. delos Reyes 4j restants 0 votes

7 3

what name should i do for my baby

    ourlittlepumpkin 4j restants 47 votes

12 16

need help

    Renee2018 4j restants 15 votes

0 13

baby boy names I love

    Bobinfairy 4j restants 1 votes

3 0

Which one do you like best? I'm love, love Sienna but worried about it being so popular. Really like Aubrey but worried about possible backlash that it's a 'boy's' name. Like Aylin but worried it's not known in the UK and if people will expect her to have Turkish heritage.

    Allyboo 4j restants 4 votes

28 0

Ahhh. I can't decide

    SaraKHutch 4j restants 8 votes

0 4

Help pick a MIDDLE name. First name is LUCA.

    SaraKHutch 4j restants 12 votes

0 3

Trying to find a FIRST name. MIDDLE name is Luca.

    Maranda Mansfield 4j restants 4 votes

2 0

Freya or Fallon

    aimdizzler 4j restants 20 votes

5 0

trying to pick a name or middle name out of these cant seem to narrow it down 4j restants 11 votes

11 0

plz help!

    Wesman131 4j restants 4 votes

9 0

Need help with some girls names!

    Sarah Michelle 4j restants 0 votes

8 0

girls names

    DeDen 4j restants 17 votes

5 4

Please help me Choose a Name.

    Aurelie Rex 4j restants 0 votes

4 1

love this name

    his_babygirl5120 4j restants 18 votes

39 37

Help! I can't decide. If you notice I have a fixation with Japanese baby names. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Chris Peterson 4j restants 0 votes

8 4

Better happiness with complete family

    ShaRae Pitt 4j restants 5 votes

60 36

for future reference me and my husband wanna plan our kids names

    Gemmawood 4j restants 10 votes

0 3

me and my partner are due our boy in a few weeks and we cant decide on what name we like better.

    KelliM. 4j restants 46 votes

3 0

Looking for a "E" girls name. I have two boys named Elijah and Emmett.

    etoseland92 4j restants 0 votes

2 2


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