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    SuzieO 4j restants 3 votes

9 0

Top girls names

    Aurelie Rex 4j restants 0 votes

4 1

love this name

    💗Nuggo🐶 4j restants 3 votes

57 0

witch one? getting female pup in September or October,so these are names I really like.

    his_babygirl5120 4j restants 2 votes

39 37

Help! I can't decide. If you notice I have a fixation with Japanese baby names. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Chris Peterson 4j restants 0 votes

8 4

Better happiness with complete family

    ShaRae Pitt 4j restants 5 votes

60 36

for future reference me and my husband wanna plan our kids names

    Gemmawood 4j restants 10 votes

0 3

me and my partner are due our boy in a few weeks and we cant decide on what name we like better.

    KelliM. 4j restants 33 votes

3 0

Looking for a "E" girls name. I have two boys named Elijah and Emmett.

    etoseland92 4j restants 0 votes

2 2


    mla09 4j restants 46 votes

5 5

Top girl and boy names. Last name is Audet

    LP 4j restants 28 votes

3 0

what do you think?

    Mary-Louise Duckworth 4j restants 11 votes

0 10

middle name Matthew, poll 1.

    Mary-Louise Duckworth 4j restants 8 votes

0 6

middle name Anthony

    Mary-Louise Duckworth 4j restants 8 votes

6 0

middle name Poppy

    joyful3forme 4j restants 11 votes

4 0

favorite please!

    joyful3forme 4j restants 3 votes

9 0

Just wanting to know everyone’s favorite of these.

    CLL 4j restants 44 votes

4 0

Girls names which one do you like best? Other suggestions welcome x

    Mary-Louise Duckworth 4j restants 11 votes

5 5

A brother or sister for Lewis, Sammy, April and Molly

    mla09 4j restants 8 votes

0 10

top boy names. last name starts with A

    mla09 4j restants 8 votes

9 0

top girl names. last name starts with A

    yellowbrickroad 4j restants 11 votes

0 10

Middle & Last name : Nathan Britting

    Rainbow in Progress 4j restants 8 votes

19 9

Not sure of the sex yet but the surname will be Kilbane. please help!

    Maryse Moralde 4j restants 0 votes

10 0

girl names

    Infuriate 4j restants 21 votes

3 3

We don't know gender, so looking for your opinion on best boy and girl names?

    leahm0 4j restants 0 votes

13 8


    willllllow 4j restants 40 votes

6 5

Triplets 2 girls and a boy last name starts with d

    T.J. Perry 4j restants 23 votes

4 0

This poll is for middle name. Her first name will be Olivia.

    Natasha Graham 4j restants 40 votes

0 2

middle name William

    Katelyn Michele 4j restants 61 votes

0 5

help us pick a 1st name. Middle name is Roman Last name starts with G

    willllllow 4j restants 3 votes

9 18

which names?

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